Optim Feature of the Month

Levels of Detail

January 22, 2020

Creating Levels of Detail (LODs) is an important aspect of optimizing any real-time scene. Some meshes are overly complex and high-poly considering how closely they will be viewed under normal circumstances, and LODs let you have multiple levels of complexity for any object based on how far away it is.  

Image of Levels of Detail interface in Optim

Creating Levels of Detail for meshes one-by-one inside the Unreal Engine can be a huge time sink when you have large environments with many different types of assets to evaluate, and taking a huge one-size-fits-all approach can waste memory and processing time. 

When we designed Optim, our workflow solution for Unreal Engine, simplifying LODs was one of our key objectives. Optim’s unique Smart Rule algorithms can automatically analyze your meshes before you import and apply LODs based on what elements actually need them, both speeding up your real-time renders and saving you the manual labor of hunting and pecking for specific LOD settings. Another important consideration for our team was the importance of building an easy-to-use interface with the ability to create repeatable rules and presets, further streamlining the creation of LODs. 

About Theia Interactive 
As early adopters of real-time rendering for VR and AR and dedicated users of Unreal Engine, Theia Interactive has created award-winning visualizations for companies such as Nvidia, HP, Mohawk Group, Toll Brothers, Suffolk Construction, and Epic Games. Theia has extensive experience building architectural walkthroughs, interior design configurators, augmented reality product demonstrations, virtual reality training simulators, and 3d asset libraries for brands, builders and developers, and manufacturers.

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