About Us

Game-Changing Virtualization

We are a creative solutions studio helping businesses tell their stories through stunningly accurate and life-like real-time virtualizations.

Our VR experiences are game-changers, allowing everyone from clients to investors to end-users not only access to products or environments before they are built, but also full control inside our virtual world. Unlike videos and 360° renders, users control their actions within the environment, going where they want, when they want. The only way to be as fully immersed in an environment is to actually build it.

We see significant value in leveraging virtual reality technologies to deliver more predictable and efficient projects for our clients with the highest levels of quality and safety. We are thrilled to be partnering with Theia Interactive to produce these virtual reality experiences. Every step of the way they have exceeded our expectations and we look forward to working with their team on future projects.

Kevin Bredeson

VP, Virtual Design & Constrcuction

Suffolk Construction

Theia Interactive is redefining the paradigm of not only buying a property from a consumer perspective, but also of how to market from a property developers one. Add in the amazing real time visualisation and VR work they’re doing with luxury cars, yachts and private jets and you can understand why we're 100% behind them. The guys are doing amazing things!

Simon Jones

Director, Unreal Engine Enterprise


From project conception to completion, our simple, fast VR solutions allow our clients to lower their costs, accelerate approvals, enhance collaboration, speed up sales and increase profits.

We push the boundaries of the possible.

For Builders

For builders, developers, designers, architects, engineers and contractors, Theia virtual tours are the next-level of visualization.

For Makers

Bleeding-edge virtualization of products or prototypes, for manufacturers and makers, for demonstration or training purposes.

Virtual Reality

A fully and completely digital environment, with an enclosed, synthetic experience and no sense of the real world.  Virtual reality becomes your reality.

Augmented Reality

Digital information overlaid atop the real world.  An augemented reality experience is intended to enhance or alter the real world.  Think Pokemon Go.

Meet our Leaders

Our team is composed of industry veterans with years of experience in customer engagement, marketing, and CGI animation, as well as fresh talent with the most up-to-date knowledge of gaming and VR technologies.

Mark Pullyblank

Mark is a visual effects guru whose feature film credits include blockbuster films ranging from Avatar to two-thirds of the Peter Jackson Hobbit movies.

Bill Fishkin

Bill is a digital strategist with 20 years of experience and has worked with a myriad of clients from The Carlyle Group to Caesars Entertainment.

Matthew Shouse

As COO and producer on a variety of published games, Matt works closely with clients to achieve the best possible product and ensure that it is delivered on time.

Stephen Phillips

Stephen is a graduate with multiple honors from CSU, Chico, specializing in bringing digital environments to life in the graphically powerful Unreal Engine.

Randy Ochs

Randy brings his 35+ years of Enterprise Sales & Services experience with F1000 companies to lead the Sales & Business Development activities at Theia.

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