Industry-Proven XR Professionals

As early adopters of real-time rendering in Unreal Engine, Theia Interactive has created award-winning visualizations for companies such as Nvidia, HP, Mohawk Group, Toll Brothers, Suffolk Construction, and Epic Games.

Bill Fishkin

CEO / Founder
Bill is a digital strategist with 20+ years of experience and has worked with a myriad of clients from The Carlyle Group to Caesars Entertainment.

Matthew Shouse

COO / Founder
As the COO of Theia Interactive and producer on a variety of published games, Matt works closely with clients to achieve the best possible product and ensure that it is delivered on time.

Mark Pullyblank

Director / VFX Lead / Founder
Mark is a visual effects guru whose feature film credits include blockbuster films ranging from Avatar to two-thirds of the Peter Jackson Hobbit movies.
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Sean Mitchell

With a background in high-performance blockchain technology, and co-founder of both Lyra Solar and Idea Fabrication Labs, Sean first joined Theia as Senior Software Architect. In addition to planning and executing enhanced architecture for the Optim tools and template product, Sean is also responsible for mentoring our engineering team, implementing a DevOps baseline, and refactoring build processes for our software products.
Image of Theia CRO, Randy Ochs

Randy Ochs

Randy brings 35+ years of Enterprise Sales & Services experience with F1000 companies to lead the Strategic Sales and Business Development activities. Randy has international experience in sales & business development of enterprise software such as Visual Product Communication & Collaboration, MCAD, PLM and Supply Chain Management solutions for Fortune 500 customers across multiple industries.

Max Sims

Senior Product Manager
Max is a museum quality and Oscar winning design technologist. He has worked for VW Electronics research lab, Alias Research in the Studio and Maya divisions, and as product manager for think3 Computer Aided Industrial Design. He founded the Imaginarium VR lab for the Humanities at Santa Clara University which has progressed to an exhibit where VR and Neurofeedback combine at the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco.
Image of Theia Senior Project Manager Peter De Lappe

Peter deLappe

Senior Product Manager
Peter is a veteran of the Computer Graphics industry with over 35 years experience in Film, Television, Video Gaming, Architecture and Engineering. He is a seasoned software Product Manager and has delivered many products for Nvidia, Avid, Havok and Autodesk. He has degrees in Architectural Design and Computer Science.

Nimrod Friedmann

Sr. Project & Engagement Manager, EMEA
Nimrod has over 15 years of experience in digital content creation, focusing on real-time 3D technologies. Previously a post-production Art Director on commercials and TV branding. After a stint at startup CL3VER, Nimrod joined Autodesk in 2018 as a Product Manager for 3ds Max of M&E and contributed to improving the understanding of customer requirements concerning product needs and features.

David Anderman

Advisor; Former COO & GC, Lucas Film
As COO of Lucasfilm, David was responsible for the day-to-day business of the company and all of its subsidiaries. He negotiated the $4 billion acquisition by Disney and soon after became the Chief Business Officer of Jaunt VR, spearheading their $125 million investment round and massive growth.
Image of advisor, Cliff Plumer

Cliff Plumer

Advisor; Former CTO, LucasFilm
Cliff has accumulated a wealth of expertise in the business and production of digital worlds through his extensive experience as President of Jaunt VR, CEO of THE VOID, CTO of LucasFilm, CTO of ILM, and many more roles in film and computer graphics.

An HP Preferred Partner, Theia has extensive experience designing and making architectural walkthroughs, interior design configurators, augmented reality product demonstrations, virtual reality training simulators, and marketing experiences for brands.

Our team of artists and developers also translate daily workflow challenges into real-world software solutions for companies and individuals who want to maximize productivity and simplify their own Unreal Engine workflows.

From Our Industry Partners

“Theia does some amazing advanced rendering solutions in both AR/VR for multiple Industries including AEC. As a software company, Theia’s Optim solution for making CAD to Unreal easy with Optim, combined with their support of NVIDIA’s Cloud XR initiatives, has made them a great ISV Partner for NVIDIA”

David Weinstein
Director of Professional VR, NVIDIA

“We chose to invest in Theia because they are tackling a very real problem for their customers. Theia’s experience creating top-quality, high-fidelity AR and VR, and the software necessary to do so effectively, made it a natural choice for investment opportunities in the visualization software and services space.”

Angelo del Priori
Partner, HP Tech Ventures

“Theia Interactive is creating amazing real time visualisation. Check out the VR work they’re doing with luxury cars, hotels, and private jets and you can understand why we’re 100% behind them. The guys are doing amazing things!”


Simon Jones
Director of UE Enterprise, Epic Games

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