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Virtual Design Planning Room for Distributed Teams

BigRoom from Theia Interactive transforms the traditional multi-media planning room into an easy-to-use virtual space built in Unreal Engine for a high-fidelity 3D experience. For architects, project managers, designers, and contractors BigRoom provides the space, tools, and technology to reach creative consensus securely and efficiently.

Features Include

  • Fast, easy startup
  • Configurable and customizable
  • Scalable to your needs
  • 3D scale models with VR capability
  • Presentation boards & live video monitors
  • Material configurators
  • Task lists & Post-It notes
  • Bookmarking and comparison tools
  • Cross-platform desktop and VR

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Sign up today to be included in the BigRoom Beta

Sign up today to be included in the BigRoom Beta


OPTIM Toolkit
+ Collaborative

+ BigRoom


OPTIM Toolkit
+ Collab. Temp
+ Importer

+ BigRoom

BigRoom will be available in Optim Pro or Enterprise packages Fall 2020

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