Case Study

Case Study

Comstock Homes | Mobile App

The homebuilding process is grueling. Permitting is lengthy and frustrating, and delays and missteps result in increased costs for the builder. Every change, no matter how small, means yet another round of meetings and approvals.

Finally, when all the permitting, delays, and changes have been resolved, the model homes and sales center must still be built and staged. All the while, the builder is carrying the costs of the project.

Theia’s visualizations jump start the sales process, saving builders time and money. No need to build multiple model units. No delays waiting for construction approvals.

Comstock Homes, looking for opportunities to kick-start sales and mitigate delays at their Camarillo, CA. project, Teso Robles, reached out to Theia Interactive for a solution.

Working in collaboration with the agency responsible for marketing Teso Robles, we created 4 virtual tours, fourteen 2d floorplans, and multiple renderings and videos of both interiors and exteriors, all housed in one colorful, easy-to-use mobile app.

Accessed via mobile phone or tablet, the Teso Robles app is available to the project sales team, as well as to potential buyers, plus their friends and family members.

Our apps and virtual tours solve multiple problems for homebuilders: They are designed and deployed at lightning speed, they are simple to use, help to lower building costs and accelerate approvals; highlight and enhance upgrades; speed up sales; and increase profits. Start to finish, conception to completion, VR is a near-perfect solution for home builders.

"The app is a great tool for consumers as it allows them to view and share with friends and family. Being able to navigate through the floor plans at their own pace and time is a true convenience for our prospective buyers. Anything that we can do to be more tech-forward and to place everything in the palm of their hands is always a great thing."

Maggie Lavey

Community Sales Manager | Comstock Homes

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