Clustered Merging

There’s no need to go through the lengthy process of manually selecting and merging groups of objects in an effort to improve performance. With our clustered merging tool you can select hundreds or thousands of meshes to merge right within your scene, and Optim’s tool will automatically chunk it into as many pieces as you define, whether it’s one or two final clusters or 50. 

Massively reduce your object count and massively increase your performance with our “set and forget” merge tool.

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Lightmap Settings

Lightmap management can be a major pain when you’re switching between sloppy bulk edits and typing in specific values over and over again on certain meshes. Optim’s lightmap resolution tool lets you quickly and automatically assign reasonable resolutions to any number of meshes all at once by relying on our own intuitive parameters for Low, Medium, and High resolutions. If you prefer setting resolutions manually, our quick dropdowns are far less cumbersome than your traditional methods. Either way, adjusting lightmap densities has never been easier.

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Smart LODs

LODs are essential to make a real-time scene performant. Whether you’re working with complex models or a huge viewing distance, they can make or break the delivery of your content when operating under a poly-count budget. So why are they buried under menus and windows that require endless clicking and scrolling and waiting?

Optim’s Smart LODs intelligently apply LOD settings to multiple meshes at once with one click right inside your viewport, saving both time and polygon counts.

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Multi-user Collaboration Template

Host review sessions or go for final client approval with Optim’s collaborative template. Avatars, a whiteboard with pen, a virtual camera for creating renders, and voice communication, are all contained within our ready-to-go game mode. Your clients and stakeholders can experience your projects via desktop or VR, no coding required.

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