Visualize, Optimize, and Customize your real-time workflow with Optim

Optim utilizes the efficiency of Unreal Engine's Datasmith and the power of Python to dramatically improve your real-time workflow pipeline.

Visualize the contents and potential issues of your file

Optim processes the information of the given Datasmith/CAD file and displays everything in a clean and easy-to-read format. If any issues are detected, Optim will display that information as a warning and offer an option to quickly take care of the issue.

Save time by making your workflow easier with Smart Rules

Effortlessly create powerful rules that both optimize and customize the import process to your exact needs. Rules can be easily either hand crafted or generated based on smart presets. Options for actor reduction, level of detail generation, mesh and material reassignment, and so much more are available.

A sleek, modern, and intuitive experience

Optim only takes a matter of minutes to master. Extreme ease of use for new Unreal Engine users while maintaining powerful customization options for advanced users.

Key Benefits


No complex systems or user interfaces to get lost in. A guided and informative user experience awaits.

No Experience Required

New to Unreal Engine? No programming experience? Don't know effective optimization methods? No worries! Optim can automate it all for you.

Huge Time Saver

It only takes minutes to load a file and to generate all of the optimization rules needed. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a cup of coffee as Optim does the heavy lifting.


Have a consistent workflow? Save common rules and load them into your next import. No need to re-do what has already been done.

Re-Import Ready

Have a constantly evolving project? No problem! Optim automatically loads rules associated with the file and will only import the changes.

Coming Soon

Rapid Updates

New features, modules, and improvements are constantly being pushed live.

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About Theia Interactive

Theia Interactive knows real time data prep. For more than 5 years we've pioneered the use of Unreal Engine for real time visualizations across demanding platforms like VR, AR, and mobile. Now it's time to bundle our expertise into a product that makes your life easier.

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