Frequently Asked Questions


When is Theia Interactive available for support?

We are available Monday – Friday from 9AM – 5PM PST

How can I contact Theia support to notify of a bug, request a feature, or to request help?

We can be contacted through our support ticketing system.


What version of Python does Optim use?

We use the Python version that Unreal Engine uses, Python 2.7.

Does Optim work with Python 3?

Currently, no. We plan on updating Optim to work with Python 3 within the year.

What file types does Optim support?

Our supported file types can be viewed here.

I want to request a feature, where can I do that?

Feature requests, suggestions, support, and more can be done through our ticketing system.

Optim Features

Where are the instancing features?

We’ve temporarily disabled our instancing features until we properly evaluate the updated mesh drawing pipeline refactor introduced in Unreal Engine 4.22.

Optim Application

Why does Optim require an internet connection?

An internet connection is required in order to log in, validator your license, and error logging.

Do my files leave my computer?


Nothing happens when I click on the Optim icon in the Unreal Engine editor, what is going on?

Confirm that you have setup everything according to our configuring your Unreal Engine to use Optim article. If you are still experiencing issues, please submit a ticket and we will assist you.

Why do I have to enable the Python plugin for Optim?

Optim is a Python based application and requires the Unreal Engine Python plugin to function.

Optim has been processing my file for a while, what is going on?

If your file is a very large file, processing can take a few minutes. If it appears that processing has not progressed within 5-15 minutes, then some issue must have occurred. If this happens, then we advise you to submit a support ticket so we can look into and quickly fix what is causing the issue.

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