This section is dedicated to customizing and optimizing the Geometry actors and meshes found within your file by loading, generating, or establishing new rules.


The main Geometry section displays current comparative information between the base file and the current OPTIM rule set, and, all of the rules that have been established. Rules that have the OPTIM logo in the bottom right corner are rules that have been generated via the smart rule command.

Key Button

The key button located in the top right will morph into the key command for the given Geometry section.

Functionality Via Section:

  • Main – Navigate to Geometry Rule Type Selection
  • Rule Type Selection – Cancel Rule Type Selection
  • Rule Configuration – Confirm/Cancel Rule Creation

Rule Type Selection

This section gives the option to either generate Smart Rules or to establish a new rule.

Generate Smart Rules

Here, you will be able to generate Smart Rules. Select the Smart Rule type from the Smart Rule module list.

Do note, this feature is still heavy in development and will change rapidly over the coarse of the beta.

Establish New Rule

Here, you will be able to establish a new rule from scratch. Utilize the filter modules in order to fine tune what you want to affect with this rule, and add action modules in order to customize and/or optimize the filtered elements.

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