The main Lighting section displays key lighting information as well as all of the light groups. Light groups are lights that have been automatically grouped if all of the attributes are equal in value –

  • Type
  • Intensity
  • Color
  • Layer

If excessive lights have been detected, the Key Button will be in a warning state. Clicking the Key Button during this state will bring ALL excessive lights down to roughly normal levels. Alternatively, you can hover over the card or list item and manually adjust it’s intensity. Intensities can be adjusted in bulk via clicking on the Key Button while it’s not in a warning state, or selectively by clicking the reset icon on the card or list items.

Key Button

The key button located in the top right will morph into the key command for the given Lighting function


  • Excessive/Warning – Brings ALL detected excessive lights down to roughly normal levels.
  • Reset – Resets ALL lights back to their original values.

Manual Adjustment

Manually adjusting the light intensities is very easy. Simply hover over the desired card or list item and a slider will appear. Adjusting this slider will adjust the intensity value of that light group.

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