This section is dedicated to adjusting certain settings within OPTIM. Currently, there are three different settings to adjust.

  • Subtext Descriptions
  • Always On Top
  • Theme

Subtext Description

The subtext descriptions are the descriptive tags that can be found under almost every title item within OPTIM.These descriptions have been added in order to help all users easily identify items and UI elements within OPTIM. Only consider disabling this feature if you are an advanced user and you wish to simplify the UI.





Always On Top

This option is pretty self expanitory. Enabling this option will keep OPTIM always on top of other windows. Disabling this option will allow OPTIM to be hidden behind other windows.


This is a brand new feature to OPTIM, having multiple different themes. We wanting to gives users the option to embrace the darkness or delve into the light. We are also experimenting with conveying important information via color with the Reactive theme.

Do note, these themes are still being tuned. If you find any issues with a theme, please let us know!

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